Dear foreigners

AEVA&Co Co., Ltd. leverages its connections with the medical industry to provide people around the world with the opportunity to receive Japan’s best medical care. Therefore, we will create a new division, IMC (International Medical Connect).

About 10 years ago, I started going on medical tours in Japan to receive medical tests and treatment. Wealthy people from various countries came to Japan in search of Japanese medical care, borrowing connections from Japanese acquaintances. However, most of the intermediaries have become Chinese-involved, and the number of clinics run by Chinese has increased. As a result, abnormal margins are prevalent, price competition is fierce, and fake treatments and complaints are occurring frequently. It would be impossible to request a price reduction for Japanese medical care or life-saving technology, and doctors would refuse. Therefore, we have eliminated the middleman, contracted clinics and doctors with true skills, and built a system that allows you to receive advanced treatment at an appropriate price.
Currently, VIPs from all over the world are visiting Japan incognito.

Our membership club “Ichigo” provides not only medical care but also various services to everyone.

・Providing opportunities for medical examinations in Japan
・Permission to enter Kasumigaseki salon “VEYRE”
・Real estate purchase support in Japan
・Management, cleaning, and key storage of real estate in Japan
・Business support in Japan

・Cancer patients
・Knee pain/joint pain
・Hair loss


・Ensuring privacy
Only one group can see the doctor at the same time, so you won’t meet other people.
・Hotel-like space
・Overwhelming track record
・Enhancing after-sales follow-up
・Removal of middlemen


・Ichigo membership registration
・Not an anti-social force

Necessary information/documents

・email address
・wechad ID (if available)
・medical history
・Treatment data

Flow of treatment

・Please join our member Ichigo. (Credit card required)
Enrollment fee: ¥11,000 Annual membership fee: ¥15,000
・After confirming your membership, we will ask you about your current symptoms, past medical history, surgical history, etc.
・Direct online diagnosis with the hospital (separate initial consultation fee)
・Adjust the price and schedule with the hospital and come to Japan

Flow Reception: Ichigo desk